Content is a vital element of today’s business environment. But, with so much content already in place, it can be difficult to create something new, fresh, and interesting to capture the attention of your intended audience. Effective content drives itself without much interference from its creator. But, that does not necessarily make the content shareable, which is the ultimate goal. To make your content truly shareable, follow the guidelines below.

The Difference Between Shareable and Viral

The term “viral” took on a whole new meaning several years ago. In doing so, it pushed itself from incredibly relevant to virtually meaningless over time. So many concepts “went viral” that it no longer seemed significant to have that moniker attached to a piece of content. In fact, it often felt that the term became nothing more than pretty paint over a lot of ideas that were not truly worthy of the distinction the term originally had. Anything labelled “viral” also came to define content that looked as though it was low-budget and made with hand-held cameras, and faux-user-generated content. It became overused and eventually virtually meaningless.

On the other hand, shareable content is a more general term that identifies an approach to getting people’s attention. When you create shareable content, you want to make “audience-friendly” content that you can put out via the Internet. Shareable content separates itself from the ordinary or traditional content by having a unique “feel” to it, having a different function, and fulfilling a different space than other content does.

When you set out to create shareable content, it is important to keep in mind that all content can be shared. But, you want to create something worthy of sharing. Here are some keys to creating share-worthy content.

Ideas are Better Than Stories

Stories are merely vehicles by which an idea is conveyed. So, spend more time on developing the idea rather than the story that goes with it. Have no worries, the story will come in line.

The Headline is Where it’s at

Some concepts from the days of printed news have not gone by the wayside. The headline is what draws people in. It is what people see first, it is what intrigues them, It is what makes them click on a story. If you cannot convey your idea in your headline, your idea isn’t clear enough. Keep working on it.

The Video is The Idea

Keep your video focused on the idea; do not stray from it. People have limited time and they do not want to waste it watching irrelevant videos. Show them what they need to see to get your message across and leave it at that.

Know You Will Get Reactions

People react to the information they see on the Internet. It’s simply human nature. Thankfully, the Internet is an ideal place that allows for people to easily share their reactions with others. So, create content that will get a reaction out of the viewer/reader. Your message will be sure to spread like wildfire.

Be Bold

This is not the time to be shy about attracting viewers. You want people to continue viewing your content, so keep creating content they will want to see. Do not wait until the end and then have a grand finale, because if you do, no one will be watching any longer. Keep viewers engaged the entire time and you will always have their attention.

Be Visual

Satisfy your viewer’s needs and wants through visual stimulation. Approach your content with the assumption that people are going to watch it with no sound. Then, create your content from that angle.

Be Human

Make sure there is a human element to your content. This is the best way to make your content relatable. Display at least one element of human truth in your content and you will easily create a feeling of authenticity, touch the hearts of your viewers, and likely win them over for a long time.   

Overall, whether your content is meant to reach millions of people through multiple media sources or if you put out a simple YouTube video, the heart of shareable content is to have a good idea that you can convey in an honest and authentic way. When you can do that effectively, you will easily win over any audience you seek.

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