In today’s world, it is vital that you establish an effective online presence. Most likely you already have a website and a few social media accounts in place. And it’s just as likely that those Internet entities are not bringing you the leads and sales you hoped for.

If you don’t maximize every online marketing opportunity at your disposal it could hamper your ability to thrive in business. Consider the Adweek study that reveals how 81% of all shoppers will go to the internet to research and compare before making a buying decision. You want to make sure you’re available online to possible customers in your niche as they do their research.

Here are 6 simple steps to take in order to revamp your online presence:

1. Reassess Your Niche/Target Market

Is it possible that you’ve lost touch with your perfect customer? Take a brand new look at your target market. Are your blogging and social media activities speaking to this specific crowd or have your marketing messages become more general in nature?

Especially when a business is experiencing a lull in sales, it’s common to stray from your core market in an effort to get better results. Go the opposite direction. “Niche down” your efforts by focusing on segments of your market. Segment specific groups of people within your overall niche and create marketing that speaks only to them. You’ll find that getting more specific in your marketing will deliver more specific and profitable results.

2. Make Sure Your Website is Optimized for Your Target Market

Now that you’ve segmented your target market, ask yourself if your blog or website is effectively speaking to these various segments. It may be necessary to consolidate the various tiers or categories of your site in order to best organize your newly formed niche segments.

Make sure that your site is properly optimised to work on all devices: laptop, desktop, phones, tablets, etc. As well, don’t forget to look at the title, description and keyword tags on your most important pages. Achieving a better click-through-rate on Google’s search engine results page for any keyword improves your overall rankings.

3. Optimize Your Landing Pages

When you decide to revamp your online presence, your focus should be on how to move your website and social media visitors over into the prospect category. Optimise your landing pages for better conversion rates. Here are a few mistakes most landing pages make:

  • Offering something not specifically related to the content of the landing page (or the content your visitor found on the web page linking to the landing page)
  • Slow load times (you have 4 seconds or your visitor leaves)
  • Trying to get too much information (depending on your business and goals, a name & email is all that’s normally needed at first)
  • Spelling mistakes or poor grammar
  • Not ensuring that your landing pages are optimized for all mobile devices
  • Failure to conduct A/B testing in order to continually increase conversion rates

4. Use Video Marketing 

This article reveals how video marketing converts better than most other forms of content. How much is your business using video? If you are using video, are you tracking the results in terms of ROI? Commit to using more video and improved video techniques with your future marketing campaigns.

Here are two big reasons to use a heavy mix of video in your marketing efforts:

  • 75% of people who watch videos interact with a video ad
  • 75% of business executives use videos on business sites to improve (read this post for 7 important video trends)

Combining your video marketing with your newly optimized landing pages is one of the most effective ways you can revamp your online presence.

5.  Revamp Your Social Media Strategy

Look at your social media accounts the same way you looked at your website in Step #2 above. Is your social media activity working in harmony with your best target market niche segmentation? Are you building brand awareness and creating better relationships between your company and your prospects/customers? Are your posts too self-promotional? Consider where you can improve inside your social media channels.

6. Check Your Local Business Listings

If you have a local business you must make sure your Google My Business and other business listings are in order. Check your listings for any incorrect or missing information. If your address and phone number are up to date and included with each listing, your potential customers will find you more easily and feel confident in coming to your location.

The information in your Google My Business listing is of great importance. Make sure your business is able to take advantage of Google products such as Business View (virtual tour), search engine results pages listings and Maps.

Taking the time to revamp your online presence will go a long way in reaching new customers, re-connecting with current customers and providing an overall enjoyable experience for anyone coming in contact with you and your business. Give our team of experts at Grow Digital Marketing a call and we can manage this all for you!