You won’t believe what some big-name agencies are charging for a simple SSL certificate!

It has come to our attention that some web-development agencies are charging Kiwi businesses to make your websites secure against hackers and other threats. In fact, one big-name web developer is charging $300 per year, whilst another is nearly reaching the $1000 mark! Not Grow Digital Marketing though! It’s all part of the service we offer.

Why does this affect me?

Recently, Google Chrome introduced a feature which warns all users before they enter a non-secure website:

With Google Chrome being the primary web browser of at least 50% of all internet users, this means that if your site isn’t secure (i.e. you don’t have an SSL certificate), you’ll start to experience large bounce rates, which is detrimental to your Organic rank, and paid advertisements (if applicable), as people leave your website without actually visiting!

How can I fix this?

If you have a website, or web hosting through us, don’t worry. You’re safe.
If you don’t have a website or hosting product with us, please get in touch with us so we can check if your site is secure, and help you if not!

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