Stellar web design. Check. Compelling content. Check. Attractive visuals. Check.
But how do you turn your website into a lead generating machine?
Let’s consider four consumer comments or queries which indicate ways to increase leads.

Don’t ask me for so much information!

Life is busy and time is at a premium.
Keep this in mind as you ask visitors to fill out forms on your web page. In fact, scale back to the absolutely essential information.
Doing so increases the chance of time-conscious guests completing the required fields. While the hope of long forms is to gather as much data as possible, the truth is that fewer people fill them out, leaving you with fewer leads.
Remember, the human attention span decreased to less than that of a goldfish recently. So, plan accordingly to cast the net wide enough for a profitable catch.

Let me opt out.

Labelling non-essential information as optional means you need not decimate your forms. In addition, data gathered on later forms or via email after trust develops proves effective.
For instance, user aversion to phone calls may lead you to forgo such a field. Or, the air of scepticism makes optional boxes a welcome sight for your guests.
Blame it on the Millennials if you like, but each generation seems to be falling into the same pattern.

What is the next step?

Imagine a visitor clicks on your site. In the less than eight seconds of his modern attention span, the design catches his eye and the content intrigues him.
He wants to take the next step. But, what is it? Where is it?
Creating a clear call to action and a clickable contact button which leaps off the screen proves essential. Consider language, urgency, position, colour and size to make this crucial conversion tool stand out.

Do you care enough to contact me again?

No matter the industry, the power of follow-up as a rule of sales holds true.
Technology makes carrying out this rule easier and less direct than ever before.
One highly effective example? Retargeting. With this marketing technique, installing a snippet of code on your web pages releases advertisements to site visitors over a set period of time.
You install the code. You set the date range. You reap substantially increased conversion rates.

Creating a lead generating machine begins with these four simple actions. Which will you enact today to reap the rewards?

If questions arise, get in touch with our team at Grow Digital Marketing today. We love to see businesses succeed.