Your website is an important source of marketing for your business. If your website is not helping you to generate leads, then it is hurting your business rather than helping it. If you want to increase the leads your business gets from your website, follow some of the following suggestions.  

Use CTAs to Your Advantage

If you have only one call-to-action on your website, you are selling your business short. You need to go beyond having one on a sign-up page. Instead, pepper it anywhere your potential clients is looking. Some great places to place your CTAs include at the end of a blog, below the content on your “About Us” page, above the fold on the landing pages, and on the home page. Placing your CTA in these places will help to increase your conversion rates.

Use Slides and Pop-Ups

There is no questioning that pop-ups work. However, they need to be done correctly. Using a timed slide near the bottom of your page or an exit pop-up (you can even use them both together) can prompt those who visit your site to make a purchase or sign up to receive relevant information.

If it Doesn’t Work, Fix it

Run an objective audit of your website. Learn the conversion rates of each page on it. If you notice poor conversion rates on any of the pages, change them up and improve them. Often, the changes you will need to make are minor.

Make Good Use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a complex system that offers a wealth of beneficial information. Because it is so advanced in its function, it is a good idea to hire an expert who knows how to get the maximum benefit from it. Whether you hire someone or try it on your own, you will get the best results if you connect analytics to your website and your autoresponder, as well as use tracking links.

Use a Heatmap tool

A heat map tool is used to help you determine exactly what your website visitors are looking at and clicking on when they visit your site. This information can help you improve your navigation significantly.

Have a Live Chat Function

Adding a live chat to your website will make you a hero with visitors who are looking for a quick answer to a question or solution to a problem. Having a trained customer service representative is not expensive and can go a long way to making your customers happy.

Use Lead Magnets in a Positive Way

Are your lead magnets relevant to your audience? If they are not, you need to make a change. Also, consider giving away more than one lead magnet at a time. This way you can reach more of your audience at one time. Before you know it, you will see fantastic results.

Testimonials, Testimonials, Testimonials

Most people love reading about the positive experiences others have with your products. So, make it a priority to gather some positive feedback when you follow-up with your customers. When you are dealing with a new or potential customer, offer a sample and ask them for a testimonial in return.

Create Case Studies

Having case studies available for people to read is a great way to provide validity for your products and services. You can put them together yourself or start interviewing current customers to get your relevant data.

Use Multiple Forms of Content

Using multiple forms of content assures that there is something to attract everyone on your website. Rather than choosing between text, videos, images, and graphics, just use them all. You will soon learn that everyone who visits your site will have something to rave about.

Run Tests . . . on Everything

You need to test everything you create for your website. This includes landing pages, sales pages, and anything else that will bring or convert traffic. Do not just assume all of your functions will work, test them and retest them to make sure. Also, make sure your website will work across every platform. You want your customers to reach you and ultimately make purchases, whether they are on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  
Once you get your website generating more leads for you, your business will start growing faster and your bottom line will improve exponentially.

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