If you’ve ever wanted to boost traffic to your YouTube channel, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it can be and how much of a struggle you can have to try and do it. While you might not know exactly what you need to do, here are eight tips that you should remember to help boost your views.


Make sure you take some time to pick out the right title to match it with what you need it to say based on your video. Use keyword phrases and make sure your words are relevant to what people might search for.


A good description of your YouTube video needs to have three things to make it effective. It should have a keyword phrase, a URL for where you want to send people and it needs to have a mini paragraph explaining the video.


With every video you upload, Google listens to what you say to help categorise your video. By adding a full transcript, you can make it a lot easier for Google and help to provide a full transcript for them to see.

Custom Thumbnail

The thumbnail is often the first thing people see when scanning your video so make sure you create a thumbnail that looks great and catches everybody’s attention.

Subscribe Annotation

YouTube loves to see channels that have a lot of posts and subscribers and the best way to get subscribers is to just ask. Take a little bit of time to add a subscribe annotation and get people to subscribe!

External Link Annotation

Below, I talk about using your blog to help promote your YouTube page. But the truth is that it can go the other way as well and you can use your YouTube channel to help promote your blog or other external sources.

Subscribe Watermark

With a function known as InVideo Programming, you’ll be able to add a watermark to every single video with a simple click. Once a user clicks this watermark, they can quickly and easily subscribe to a channel or watch all of your videos with ease.

Use Your Blog 

If you’re like most people, the blog is pretty much the most crucial part of your online business. There are a lot of things you can do to help build your presence when it comes to your blog. If it is your main channel, then you should make sure you use it to direct people to YouTube.

As you can see, there are a lot of different things you need to remember when it comes to boosting the amount of YouTube views you have on your videos and your channel. With all of this information in mind, you should have no problem increasing your traffic by a sizeable amount. And of course, if you need help creating video content, or marketing it online, or tracking its progress, then give our team a call at Grow Digital Marketing. We can help provide you and end to end solution that will help drive those followers to your business page, and ultimately fuel your sales funnel.

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