Uber needs no introduction. The ride-sharing company has been making hailing a taxi a convenient process, by simply pulling out your phone and waiting for your chariot to take you to your destination.

Now Uber is rolling out its next venture, UberEATS. Already underway in 50 cities around the globe, UberEATS has touched our shores and its first destination was, of course, central Auckland.  The premise is simple, and you’ll be familiar with this no doubt; pop in your delivery address, choose food from a list of restaurants, cafes, fast food take outs and place your order. Simple. Best of all, if you have an Uber account you don’t have to create a new account when you download the UberEATS app, meaning you don’t have to load in your credit/debit card again. Thanks, Uber.

Unfortunately, if you live outside out of central Auckland, Parnell to Eden Park to be exact, you won’t be able to get any of the delicious food on offer, delivered to your door-step. You’ll have to do it the old fashioned way, actually going in and making your order to a human. Uber has plans to expand in the upcoming months. But for now, for the mere price of the food and a flat $5.99 delivery fee, central Aucklanders can enjoy the likes of Best Ugly Bagels, MexiCali Fresh, Burger Wisconsin, Wagamama, Al’s Deli, Mad Mex, @Sushi, Little Bird and much more. The list currently has about 70 options but more are jumping on board.

If you’re currently located in central in Auckland and would be interested in Uber delivering your goodies,  you can request to become a restaurant partner. It’s a simple process. You fill out some details about your business and one of UberEATS team member’s will get in touch to sort it out from there. Apart from a service fee you pay to Uber, UberEATS offers a relatively low-cost marketing scheme for businesses wanting to join up. Once a business is signed-up and ready to go, people using the app have the ability to check out your menu and see what’s on offer, great for making people aware of your eatery if they already aren’t. And for the people who already know about you? Perfect. You’re now available in another location and cater to the people who really can’t be going out on a stormy Auckland night or are simply too lazy.

Due to its low cost, UberEATS becomes a great addition to your marketing plan and an even better option to try and expand your business. You may be sitting there, wondering “What if UberEATS takes all my business out of my restaurant and all my orders become delivery?” Well, don’t worry. UberEATS isn’t going to be enough to completely change how your restaurant operates. Getting food will never compare and never replace getting an authentic experience like dining in. Could you imagine first dates where you get the food delivered to his or her house? Don’t think so. Work function where the boss get food delivered to his home? Nope. BYO dinners at your best friends one person flat? Can’t imagine that being a hit. Bottom line is, UberEATS has the ability to bring you more sales rather than taking more out of your eatery.

If you’re interested in joining UberEATS, you can find more information on their website here.