As people spend increasingly more time online, the ability to raise conversion rates is more important than ever before. One of the most effective assets in today’s digital marketer’s tool belt is still a landing page. We have previously looked at key elements to creating a great landing page as well as some common mistakes to look out for when building one. If you’re looking to keep apace of what is new and trendy in digital marketing design, read on for 10 bite-size, top landing page trends of 2017.

  1. Engagement Bots

You’ve probably seen one of these: automatic “chats” that open, with a friendly person offering to help or answer questions. These are a great way to engage website visitors.

  1. Diagonal or Wavy Layout

Instead of typical horizontal and vertical layout of images and text, many designers are opting for a more dynamic look, splaying their text and pictures on a diagonal or wavy layout. This type of layout can help you stand out more and effectively directing the visitor’s eye around the page.

  1. Contextual Video

These are videos that play in the background of the page, where you would expect an image to be, behind whatever text is present on the landing page. It’s eye-catching and allows the web designer to display more content.

  1. Mobile-Specific Pages

With more people viewing the web on their mobile devices, having a landing page that functions and is the right size for a smaller screen is crucial!

  1. Longer Landing Pages

These allow for more space for CTAs and allow companies to include more details about options as well.

  1. No or Buried Navigation Bar

Eliminating the navigation bar allows the whole screen to be devoted to a CTA. An “upside-down” landing page, where the navigation bar is at the bottom, forces the visitor to engage with the site.

  1. Social Media Targeted Pages

These are landing pages devoted to the click-throughs from social media posts or advertisements. They are often simple and mimic the style of the advertisement.

  1. Mobile App Downloads

Using a landing page that contains a link to download the company’s mobile app works well as a CTA, as well as offering something useful to the visitor right from the beginning.

  1. Welcome Mats

These are screens that pop up, usually asking you to subscribe to an email list or newsletter, promising special content or a free ebook in order to entice the visitor to enter their address, this collecting precious lead generation details for your business.

  1. Images and Illustrations

Illustrations tend to look quirkier and more unique than photos, which helps companies uniquely brand themselves, especially if they’re hoping to appear fun and approachable. Stock imagery is also losing out in favor of custom photography.

Of course, there are many other landing page designs that are becoming popular, but these are some of the top ones! Hopefully this has helped and inspired you for your next website or landing page design.