In today’s digital world with content from dozens of sources at our fingertips maximising your visibility with a supercharged SEO is vital. It is easier than one would think to effectively take advantage of Search Engine Optimisation to better market your business. By understanding keywords and having a good strategy it can even become second nature. When working on any project keep the following tips in mind to help Supercharge your SEO.

1. Titles

As a rule of thumb, short titles are bad and so are long ones. Descriptive titles under eight words are a good rule of thumb for title length. Additionally, you want to place one of the main keywords of your subject in both the Title and the first couple of sentences of your writing. Placement of the keyword in both title and opening sentences organically and it will rank you higher in the algorithms. If you force it, it will have a negative result.

2. Be Consistent

A regular stream of content will go a long way to improving your SEO as well. This will help develop a consistent and entertained reader base. Produce content close to the topics you have chosen to focus on. Even though you would think casting a wider net would attract more traffic. Inconsistency on your target topic will weaken your rankings in both topics.

3. Market Yourself

In today’s digital world most all content creators are on more than one form of social media where their followers can interact with them. A well nurtured social media presence can help you in the long run. Making use of tools like this yet, also be aware that Social Media can consume too much of your time that you could be using to producing content. Limit your time on these platforms and automate your posts to save you time to focus on your consistent production of content where able. Or seek out professionals that can manage your social media.

4. Be Neat

By keeping with shortened paragraphs and breaking things up slightly with an image or two you keep your page looking clean and free of clutter. Large walls of text can quickly disinterest a reader whereas aesthetically pleasing pages are short simple and engage the eye. Often with new visitors, you will only have one chance to impress them and keep them coming back. Carry this neatness from your writing to your storage as well. The easier you make it to share your content around multiple channels, the more it will likely be viewed.

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