Checking the score of your favourite rugby team, getting an updated weather forecast, and browsing the latest deals on Amazon. Where do you find yourself typically doing these? Yes, your smartphone. So is the majority of people across the globe as mobile technology is taking over what was once a desktop and laptop-dominated market.

Sure, we can see this with our own eyes as we wait in line for that much-needed cup of coffee in the morning. Many of those in line with us are scrolling a social media app. If you are a business owner or manager and your company is not taking advantage of the mobile media marketing blitz that is upon us, then you are due to be left behind.

Smartphone Statistics

The numbers speak for themselves. Let’s look further abroad than New Zealand, as anyone who resides in this country is acutely aware of the popularity of smartphones. Practically everyone including our grandparents has one now. From a global standpoint, the mobile phenomenon has taken hold.

88% of the residents in South Korea own a smartphone. Since 2013, several countries are reporting at least a 25% increase in smartphone ownership. Countries reporting these increases include Brazil, Turkey, and Malaysia. The numbers demonstrate the global perspective on mobile devices.

A Restaurant with no Menu

So, knowing this and not taking the proper advertising action will leave your business behind and eventually “close your doors”. It is the equivalent of having a restaurant with no menu. If your customers and target market are not able to access your products and services, then you lose revenue.

Now, with an understanding of the prominence of mobile devices, it is equally important to capitalise on the platforms that these users are engaged in.

Where the Action is

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are experiencing growth in advertising revenues. Browse through the offerings on your mobile device, see for yourself. A bevvy of options is available for the social media connoisseurs. These connoisseurs are your customers and target market.

Projections currently estimate that social media advertising will account for 20% of all internet based advertising dollars in 2019. By 2020, social media advertising is expected to exceed newspaper advertising.

We all know newspapers are being cast to the side in favour of our more convenient smartphones.

If you are ready to reach your customers and target market through the mobile device that is in their pocket or purse, consider reaching out to us at Grow Digital Marketing. We can help launch your products and services right into their hands through the social media platforms they use.

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