When it comes to owning a successful restaurant nowadays, it’s up to more than just the chef and it’s waiters to uphold a restaurant’s fine reputation, the battle for that is won online as much as it’s won during the dining experience.

Today, diners have the ability to compliment or complain about restaurants instantly from the convenience of their smartphones. Long gone are the days where people would just tell you to your face, more privately, what they really thought of their experience, no, they’ll just blast you an earful on online for the whole world to see.

But never fear, dealing with complaints online are the reality of being in the hospitality industry and you shouldn’t look at it as a constant negative, rather an opportunity to take on constructive feedback and improve from there. Alright, maybe Jane’s meal was delivered a bit later than it should have been and was slightly cold, but this is a great opportunity to realise that maybe the steps taken in the kitchens are a bit slow and that there is room for improvement. Without criticism, how do we ever evolve into something better?

Take a look at the infographic below, brought to you by the folks over at Convince&Convert, which takes a look at the 8 habits restaurants must adopt to dominate online customer service. Adopting these habits to your business can greatly improve the overall image of your brand and build a better online reputation.