We Kiwis love our beer. Rain or shine, any situation can be accompanied by a cold one. But what else do kiwi’s love just as much as their bevvies? Beaches, of course.

Brewing company and creative agency Colenso BBDO are back at it after a great 2015 “Brewtroleum” campaign, where they took the left-over yeast from the brewing process and turned it into a clean-burning biofuel, with a campaign to raise awareness around retreating beaches as demand for sand is high in industries ranging from construction to pharmaceuticals. Sand is not a sustainable resource.

So what have they done? They’ve created a machine that can crush a perfectly thirst-quenching bottle of DB Export into a sand substitute. Not bad eh? Drink beer, make sand. Simple. I think 98% of Kiwi’s can down a bottle of DB for a good cause.

It doesn’t stop there. DB sought after partners who could help them in making this a much larger scale project. DB made a 2-year contract with DryMix, our largest supplier of bagged contract, to supply them with their DB Beer Bottle Sand. It will also be used in national construction projects. This reducing the dependence on beach sand.

Check out the DB’s video below explaining the whole campaign, below.

If you want to know when and where there will be a DB Export Sand Machine near you, take a look at their website here.