Getting traffic to land on your page is only half the battle. The final hill requires moving this traffic to conversion. And, without this move, you are left with nothing more than a half full (or empty, depending on your take) pool of prospects.

You need a stellar, sticky landing page.

After all, an abundance of traffic does not amount to anything if this page does not do its job – hold onto the prospect long enough for them to engage with your site. In reality, you have five seconds to convince a skimming, on-to-the-next thing Internet user to engage with you before he or she jumps to a competitor.

So, how can this be done?

Before heading directly to the keys below, be sure you know your:

  • Goal when traffic reaches your landing page.
  • Competitors, their success secrets and how this helps you.
  • Audience with all their hopes and dreams wants and needs.
  • Route traffic takes to your landing page.

This information helps you create a sticky landing page as you apply it to the following keys for a page that converts.

Attention Grabbing Headlines

You well know the reality of our skimming culture. If it does not fit in the email subject line, the information does not get read. If the Facebook post requires a click to read more, it is passed over for shorter reads. If we can use an image alone in an Instagram post, why would do more?

Landing page headlines, according to this reality, must grab attention in a few concise words. In fact, only two out of ten people read body text. The headline boasts readability by eight out of ten if you do the math. A subheading expounds on the point of the main headline, but both need to summarise and express your point quickly.

One suggestion is to include your offer in the headline. Demonstrating your value to guests within the main or subheadline gets you noticed. Use your time in front of Internet traffic well with a clear and convincing reason for them to continue exploring your content.

Clean and Simple Views

Clean and organised page designs make it easy for a visitor to convert. With all elements working toward one conversion point, eliminate any distracting or extraneous items. Components to remove might include navigation bars, side bars, pop-ups, Non-scannable text and other items which do not lead down the intended funnel of your landing page.

Colour schemes need to be eye-catching and minimalist as well. And, buttons should contrast well against the page’s background. You want a guest to know exactly where to click. Any confusion and they magically disappear.

Images and Videos and Graphics – Oh My!

Oh, the power of a picture! Visually pleasing photos, videos and graphics draw the human eye and captivate us. Using this reality on landing pages keeps guests engaged and increases conversions.

Connect videos and images to the headline and content for extra punch. Again, remember that all elements must point guests to the same end. And, be sure all visuals are bright, attractive and of high-quality.

Customer Solutions

Internet users are looking for answers. Solutions to rectify problems, satisfy curiosities and inform decisions are the reasons traffic is driven to your site. Give them what they seek. Cater to your guests by showing what you offer them.

High-quality, engaging content which proves relevant and useful to guests inspires trust. Scan your landing pages and delete any cheap or useless content. Value your visitors and their time by addressing their needs. Forget raving about your product, and, instead, spell out the benefits to the reader.

Social Proof

Product reviews give us insight into unknown products and services. And, according to research, consumer reviews are 12 times more trustworthy than product descriptions. In fact, theories of social proof suggest that we conform to the actions of others assuming their behaviour is correct.

With 70 percent of consumers using reviews before making a purchase decision, sticky landing pages wisely take advantage of this information. Whether expert, celebrity or user testimonials or the example of the reviewing crowd, you can mobilise social proof principles to convert site visitors.

A Call to Action With Punch

A clear call to action (CTA) lays out expectations for guests and guides the way. If a landing page lacks this element, you will not make it over the last hill. A few points to remember:

  • Keep CTAs above the fold for easy to find, easy to click access.
  • Include a CTA in the headline i.e. “Submit” or “Download”.
  • Clearly state what you want guests to do next with a CTA.
  • Make the CTA response button stand out.

Converting guests with sticky landing pages is not complicated. However, it does require planning and intent. Diligently apply these keys to your landing page to make it great, and watch for conversions.

So if you’re wanting a great landing page built that converts your traffic but don’t have the time or skills or time to do so, get in touch with the team at Grow Digital Marketing to find out how we can build you a landing page tailored to your business.

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