The holiday season provides many digital marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Most people will be spending the next several weeks shopping for gifts for others, and may even find something for themselves. While everyone is in the money-spending mood, you can take advantage of the opportunity by using digital marketing to increase in-store and online sales. Here are some great tips to keep in mind as you amp up your digital marketing efforts during the holidays.

Layout and images

Make some basic changes to your web page. Dress it up with some of the following festive decorations:

  • Virtual holiday lights or tinsel to add some sparkle to your page
  • Incorporate bright colours and eye-catching patterns into your layout
  • Post pictures of people wearing holiday/seasonal attire whenever possible

These few changes will help to give your website a festive appearance that will make visitors feel cheerful.

Focus on your blog

When the holiday season begins, start writing some holiday-themed posts. This will get people to start thinking about the upcoming season and what they need to do to prepare for it. Make sure your posts connect to your store so readers will be able to easily make the connection that buying from you will help them out. Some examples of posts include:

  • If your store sells clothing, write a post about fashionable outfits for holiday parties
  • If you sell music downloads, write a post ranking the best holiday songs.
  • If you have a home improvement store, write a post about how to decorate a home for the holidays.

The possibilities are truly endless. With just a little forethought and ingenuity, you will be able to come up with some great ideas for your blog.

Social media marketing

Social media is the heartbeat of our culture these days. This time of year is perfect for taking advantage of the far reach social media outlets have. Decorate your Facebook and Instagram pages with holiday-themed pictures of your products and other materials. Be thoughtful in the posts you create and make them visually appealing as well as thematic. Let everyone who visits your pages know that you and your business have the holiday spirit and want to spread it around.

What not to do

Although you definitely want to make some real changes to your digital marketing efforts, be careful to not go too far. Avoid giving your website and social media pages total overhauls to the extent that they are not recognisable to your customers. Any changes you make need to be consistent with your company’s brand. Be sure to continue to use the same logo and “voice” that you always use to keep your identity familiar to those who know you.

Keeping in line with the holiday spirit with your digital marketing campaign can pay off in many ways. So, take advantage of this time of year and use it to entice current and potential customers to patronise you. Chances are that you’ll be so successful you’ll want this season to last all year!

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