Over the course of 2016, we’ve covered a bunch of infographics on our blog. With 2017 fast approaching, we thought we would collect some of our favourites from the year and share them with you. Check them all out below.

“A Timeline of Failed Tech Predictions”

Over the ages, there has been a lot of amazing inventions. From the wheel to sliced bread, the light bulb to the telephone. The world is full of them. But with every great invention comes doubters, the non-believers, individuals who believe that people won’t need or use anything that seems out of the ordinary and predict that they will just be the next big fad. So over the years there has been some pretty bold claims, doubting certain inventions. Some might surprise you.

“Anatomy of an Optimised Web Page”

For many businesses, their website is their lifeblood. They depend on having a fully optimised website to bring in business and kudos to them for doing so. It’s all well and great optimising it once and leaving it, but it needs to be something that you maintain regularly, or it’s a waste of time. Take a look and learn what makes up a strong web page.

“Crazy Things People Search for on Google”

I think it’s fair to say we’ve all used Google at some point in our life. The majority of people can’t even go through a whole day without using the search engine. Whether it was to figure out where you’re going, look at reviews on a movie or to prove your friend they are wrong. Whatever it may be, we’ve all hit that search button. But with all these searches happening on Google daily, there must be some bizarre queries?

“Is it Time for a Vacation?”

Sun-kissed beaches, snowy mountain tops, immersive cultures. We all dream of having a vacation in a far off place, kicking off our shoes, putting up our feet and relaxing. Taking that hard earned time off that we slaved away for at our 9-5.

Now I’m sure that many of us would jump at the opportunity, if given, to take a holiday rather than work but the reality is that more people choose to stay put and work away. Studies show that around 40% of workers feel like they can’t justify their time off, but why? It’s your hard earned leave. Here’s 12 reason you should take a vacation.

“5 Ways to Promote Your Small Business”

Maybe you’ve owned a small business for years or you’re just starting. I bet there’s a recurring thought that you’ve had before, it’s one almost every business owners has. What can I do to get my business out there? and where can I start?

Traditional marketing and advertising methods can be expensive and hard to prove ROI (return on investment). But with all the advances that have happened to the world of online, it’s never been a better time to advertise your business digitally.

“E-Commerce Psychology”

E-Commerce is a booming business. Look at the success of online retailers such as Amazon, Ebay and even local New Zealand online sites like MightyApe and Trademe. With people wanting a convenient way to shop, when they want to shop, E-Commerce is a great way to sell your product without needing people to come to your physical shop front. It’ll also catch all those late night browsers, creating more sales for your business when you’re enjoying play time.