Continuing our trend of Grow Digital Marketing’s Favourites of 2016, we’re looking at our top Ted Talks. We covered a bunch over the course of 2016 so this is a collection of the most entertaining and enlightening talks that we think are must-watches. Check them all out below.

“How Airbnb Designed for Trust” – Joe Gebbia

Joe Gebbia, co-founder and current CPO of Airbnb, made an extremely bold move when Airbnb was in its early stages. He believed that complete strangers were able to trust one and another through the use of good design. 

“The Happy Secret to Better Work” – Shawn Achor

In this fast moving and very funny talk, psychologist Shawn Achor joined TED to share his thoughts on how we view happiness and how we could be looking at in the wrong way. 

“Live a Life with no Regrets” – Urzila Carlson

South African turned New Zealand funny woman Urzila Carlson took to the TED stage to share her wisdom with her fellow Kiwis. She urges people to make the most of the opportunities before them and that there is no greater waste of time than regrets. 

“Inside the Mind of a Procrastinator” – Tim Urban

One of our favourite talks on TED, popular blogger Tim Urban explores the mind of a procrastinator and encourages us to really think about what it is we’re procrastinating on – before it’s too late.

“Why the Best Hire Might Not Have the Best Resume” – Regina Hartley

With HR being at the core of all businesses, this choice was a no-brainer. Regina Hartley shares her experiences from Director of Human Recourses for United Postal Service and argues, that when it comes to hiring, every applicant should have a chance. 

“What Happens When You Reply to Spam Emails” – James Veitch

Comedian James Veitch, has had ongoing battles with spam emails. What better way to solve the problem then to reply to the scammers, record the results, and share it with the world in one hilarious TED Talk.