Is your website working as hard as it should be? By that we mean are you getting as many leads and conversions as possible with your current pages? If not, or if you’re not sure, then you may want to use these following ten methods to see what is working the most and alter your digital marketing techniques to maximise your potential. With our ten smart marketing hacks, you should be able to generate more leads, sales and revenue from your website in no time.

Analyse Google Analytics

If you aren’t using this tool from Google, then you are already holding yourself back. This data will show you where your users are coming from so that you can focus your marketing techniques accordingly. For example, if Facebook isn’t generating conversions, but Twitter is, then you can focus your time and attention to that social media. Since increasing your ROI is the ultimate goal, analytics are crucial to making that happen. Find out more about our Google Adwords packages here.

Exit Popup Offer

This is becoming a much more widespread tactic these days, and it’s the practice of having an ad pop up when a user is about to leave your page. So far, the numbers have been pretty tempting, meaning that it can add a small boost to your conversion rate. Even if it’s a slight increase, each number counts, right?

Split Test Landing Page Changes

It can be hard to tell what is going to work and what isn’t, but you don’t want to commit your whole site to a single change if you’re not sure what the reaction is going to be. Thus, create different landing pages that utilise new changes and direct traffic to both the old and the new one to see what your conversion rates are with each iteration. This way you will know if you should commit fully or try something else without spending too much time and effort on it beforehand. You can find out more about our landing page options here.

Use Video to Deliver Your Message

It’s no secret that people respond to video more than anything else. Text is horrible for converting, and images are only slightly better, but video messages are the best way to reach out to your customers and get them excited. As long as you make it short and to the point, you can increase your conversion rate substantially with this single method.

Use Simple Fonts

It may seem a bit trite, but again, we’re trying to get your conversion rate up by any means possible. If your fonts are a little hard to read or off-putting in any way (looking at you, Comic Sans), then people will bounce. Don’t try to be too edgy; stick with simple fonts that work.

Include Testimonials and Build Trust

One thing that can lead to a higher ROI is if your audience likes you and trusts your product or service. While you can’t expect them to do this blindly, having some essential testimonials will help build that trust quickly and efficiently. Best of all, make these video messages, and you will do even better. Also, don’t be afraid to flaunt awards or accolades that you’ve earned, even if they seem a bit trivial.

Install Live Chat

Engagement is the best way to get your customers interested in you, but while social media is making it easier than ever before, how can they reach out on your website? Having a chat function means that you will be able to talk to your audience much more directly and effortlessly, which will help them convert from leads to customers.

Identify Key Points of Your Site

Where are you losing your audience? What buttons and links are they clicking on the most, and how much are they scrolling? If you don’t have this information, you can’t possibly know if your layout is working or why it’s working. Use a heatmap tool to get this data and make adjustments as needed. This works great with split testing landing pages.

Conversion Audit

Finally, do an audit of your conversion rate to see what methods are working the best and which ones are not pulling their weight. This will enable you to be better about targeting your audience and converting leads in the long run without wasting time and effort on campaigns and changes that don’t work. Again, the point is to increase your ROI, so you have to know where you stand first to make that happen.

the point of any business website is to ultimately generate leads, revenue, and sales. Are you concerned that your current website isn’t performing as well as it should be? Contact our experts at Grow Digital Marketing.

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