Over the last few years, social media has changed almost everything about our society. The world of advertising may have felt this impact the most strongly, as social media has become the most effective advertising outlet in the history of capitalism. Particularly for small business owners who do not have large advertising budgets and could never dream of spending millions on a Super Bowl commercial, social media advertising is a godsend.

Facebook, in particular, changed the way businesses reach and interact with consumers. Many small business owners have already tried Facebook advertising, but not always with great levels of success. It may seem like Facebook ads are a perfect way to reach your customers, but if you do not understand some of the subtleties of how the ads work, it may not be as perfect as you think. Here are a few Facebook advertising hacks for small business owners that can help your ads reach more customers and your business reach its full advertising potential.

Define Your Target Audience

You obviously want your ads to bring in as many new people as possible, but you’ll need to focus on which demographics are most important for you. Facebook seems to know everything about its users down to their shoe size, so it can help you target users by age group, gender and interests. Decide which groups are most important for your business and focus specifically on them.

Use Appropriate Imagery

Be honest, most of us hate pop-ups and internet advertising like poison. There needs to be something different and eye-catching about your ads that will make people want to click on it. However, use imagery that is appropriate to your business. If the ad is for your law firm, the cute kitten picture may not represent you perfectly and could give people a bad impression.

Facebook Ad Tools

Facebook ads offer tonnes of helpful tools to help you determine and adjust the efficiency of your ads. Facebook Ad Performer, Facebook Reports, Ad Optimisation and others are there to help you get the most from your advertisements. It is important to become familiar with these tools, particularly when it comes to reading and understanding the reports.

Test and Tweak

Once you learn the basic of the tools and reports, you will know how to properly adjust your ads when necessary. Do not panic if your an ad seems to be performing poorly after a period of time; it may only need a slight tweak instead of an entire overhaul. Only make one change at a time to an ad, in order to know which variables affected which metrics.

These are just a few quick tips to help optimise your ads, and if you don’t have an advertising degree, it can seem a little daunting. So if you’re struggling with your Facebook Advertising campaign, get in touch with the team at Grow Digital Marketing and find out how we can get the ball rolling on your next campaign.

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