Email marketing is a fast and convenient method to convey promotions, tips, messages and updates to your audience that have opted in to receive these notifications. This method of marketing has proven to be so successful and easily abused that the word “Spam” became a household word. With the tremendous abuse of email by spammers, email clients have built better and better filters to catch incoming spam.

Today the basics of building an email marketing campaign are much the same as in years past. Let’s go over ten basic steps that will help you get an email marketing campaign off the ground successfully.

Build a Mailing List
Assemble a list of Email addresses from scratch or by importing existing contacts that you wish to direct your marketing plan at. Ensure that all the contacts on the list have given you permission to send these subscribers email.

Chose an Email Provider
Take the time to look at several of the available marketing email providers and chose the one that is best for your needs.

Grow your Mailing list
Add simple Opt-In options on your relevant pages indicating newsletters and special offers that will attract more sign-ups.

Provide Value
With so many brands that provide newsletters you must ensure that your email has a purpose as well as a focused message. If your reader can not find something to identify with in they will lose interest quickly.

Use a Simple Design
In the era of mobile devices, much of our email content is taken in by phone. Often most emails are glanced at before they are read. A simple layout with an awesome headline will have better results than cluttered emails.

Use Copywriters
Having strong writing that will keep your readers engaged and entertained is vital. If this is not your strong suit it is highly recommended that you seek out a writer.

Use Strong Subject Lines
You can have excellent copy in your marketing email and if you do not have a strong subject line it is likely your email will never be opened. Steer away of spam words that will get your email tossed straight into the junk mail folder.

Timing is Everything
Understanding there are good and bad times to send your emails. Emails that are likely to arrive when your reader’s inbox is likely full are far more likely not to be read. 10 a.m. is considered to be the best time to send out your emails.

Make use of analytics to track and follow your campaign to check click-through rates, conversion rates, open rates and deliverability.

Adjust and Improve
Refine your approach as you dial in your subject and style to maximise and grow your reader base.

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