In 2017, if you have an online footprint but you lack a plan, you are going to get eaten alive. It is essential to have some sort of digital marketing strategy for your business today to ensure that it stands a chance at thriving against the rest of your competitors. Without a clear focus, goal setting and a sense of direction, your online business won’t stand a chance.

Let’s look at ten simple reasons why you need a smart marketing strategy in 2017 going forward.

1. You Lack Direction

If you lack a plan, you lack a goal. Without goals, you are just floundering in the water as others pass you by on the winds of opportunity. You need to decide just what it is you want to achieve with your digital market presence and that is a great foundation to begin building on.

2. You Don’t Know Your Market Share

If you have no idea where your sales and marketing trends are going, you lack the knowledge to accurately predict what your customer base is going to be interested in. As well as that, you won’t have any indication as to when your target audience’s tastes might change, and what that change actually looks like. Without this insight into trends, it is impossible to target your product or service effectively.

3. Your Competition Will Take Your Share

If you are not budgeting for digital marketing, your competition will take advantage of your lack of initiative and ultimately take your share.

4. You Have a Weak Online Presence

If you have no online presence and make little effort to hold on to or grow your customer base, it will rapidly grow weaker and you will lose credibility and worth to your customers. This will inevitably lead them to look elsewhere and perhaps be snapped up by your competitors. 

5. You Are Out of Touch With Your Online Customers

If you don’t take the time to measure the needs of your customers through analytics or any other tool, you will lack good customer feedback which is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make improvements.

6. You lack integration 

Digital media is most effective when you integrate it into your standard response chain. The more you disconnect it from your response chain, the longer it takes to get things done.

7. You have no idea of your budget

If you have no plan then you have no idea of the budget that you will need to have to leverage your business against your competition. You will also lack the purchasing power of marketing tools to assist you.

8. Duplication is costing you money 

Why waste money? Even if you have the money to waste, it’s still valuable fund that could be put to good use elsewhere. Without proper oversight, you can easily purchase tools that provide overlapping services costing double for services that could have been done by just one tool. It pays to do your research and be resourceful!

9. You are constantly behind the curve 

If you look at the giants like Google and Amazon you will see they are constantly shifting their approaches of how they approach their customers.

10. You lack optimisation 

Companies use Analytics to maximise their online presence. When they are reviewed regularly, they provide deep insight into spending trends of your buyers. Doing this ensures that you are making the relevant optimisations to continue improving your business, and ensure that it is correlating with the ebbs and flows of your customers.

In today’s day and age, having a clear digital marketing strategy is conducive to business success. Struggling to identify and determine exactly what this strategy should look like?

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