Email marketing is an inexpensive way to get your message across to your audience. In the age of the internet, digital marketing is an indispensable tool because it offers an easy, yet direct, way to connect with customers.

Email newsletters or ezines, as well as permission-based email marketing, are the most popular and effective means to get your message across. Ezines deliver real value and are read and shared, while email marketing allows you to offer special promotions or discounts.

While it may be true most people complain their email inboxes are overloaded with unwanted advertising, the truth is digital marketing enables you to stay in touch with your client base, help increase brand exposure while continuing to deliver something of worth to your customers.

Here are a few practical tips to help you grow your business through email marketing, including using smart software and services to take your efforts to new heights.

Save Trees, Go Digital

Everyone is online now. The days of newspaper circulars and glossy adverts has come and gone. Save money and meet your customers where they are most of the time–on their phones checking their email.

A Brand to Remember

Each and every email you send builds brand recognition. Even if your logo and business name are introduced for only a minute or two each day, these small steps ensure your brand is becoming established in the mind of your growing client base.

Stay Fresh In The Mind

As you remain fresh in the mind of your target audience, you ensure when someone needs your service or product your customer will turn to you first. You will also lock in referrals from family and friends of those customers.

Client Trust Earned

We tend to remember what is most memorable. Reliable, high-quality content earns client trust making it easier to sell or promote your product or service.

Keep Clients in the Know

Your newsletter is the ideal space to keep clients informed about your latest products and services. It’s also the perfect place to clue them in on what new and interesting things they can look forward to next when you send a simple email.

Attract Partnerships

Your newsletter can pull in exciting new opportunities like media coverage, advantageous partnerships as well as joint business ventures. All it takes is the right person at the right time to see or share your publication, and it all starts with an email.

Email is one of the most efficient and effective ways to market to customers online. If you don’t currently have an email marketing strategy, consider allowing Grow Digital Marketing’s Smart Software and Services Team design a digital marketing campaign to help guide you to the best decisions for your business.